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Updating old bookcase

The shell is small and pinkish, on the north-western tip of the area.Games necklace recommended to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost.The drawers will be locked, follow the road north to the Sinclair Mansion or south-west to the Ranging Guild. Go to Ardougne Manor (south-east of the north bank) and kill one of the guard dogs for the key.Then go to the Flying Horse Inn Pub just north of the Ardougne castle, search the drawers that can be found upstairs.This house is right next to the start of the Dwarf Cannon quest.

Search the crates near the Golem in the ruins of Uzer.

Go to the north church in Varrock and search for a chest. Go to the Monastery south-east of the Clocktower (south of Ardougne) and kill a Monk for the key.

Go to Braindeath Island and go through 50% Luke's gate (wear your Ring of charos(a), or bring a bucket (from Captain Braindeath) and open the gate at the bridge.

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Some clues require the player to obtain a key from a nearby monster to access the needed location.